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Transponder Key:


We carry a full line of automotive key blanks in stock, including most common transponder keys for late model cars. Some late model cars and trucks have transponder keys that are available through the dealer only, so we do not stock those ones.

As well as cutting and programming transponder keys are our shop, we have the ability to come on site to you to originate lost keys for many makes of vehicles including some of the type that use "sidewinder" keys. We can cut (duplicate) most makes of sidewinder types of keys in our shop. We have expertise in car key cutting in Richmond, BC, Vancouver area. Contact us for affordable car key duplication in Vancouver and entire Lower Mainland area.


Sidewinder keys have the cuts embedded into the side of the key. In order to re-coup the cost of the machine we must charge many times the cost of a standard top-cut car key which can be cut on a standard key machine.


Typically our shop may cut 100 standard keys per day on a standard key duplicating machine, while our shop may only cut 10 side-winder type keys per month. So you now understand why that the cost involved will be very high compared to a $4.00 standard double sided top cut car key. Century Locksmith offer reasonable priced car key cutting, key duplication and key copy in North Vancouver.




Left: A typical sidewinder type key showing embedded side cuts. Some side-winder keys have the embedded side cuts on the outer edge of the key rather than inside.

We also stock both OEM and aftermarket replacement lock cylinders for many makes of cars that have had locks vandalized or wear out.


Please call us for pricing before you call a dealer to do the same job. We can supply and install a new lock and re-key it to match your original key.


Phone Century Locksmith at 604-282-15821